Phone commenting, Thread & URL import

We’ve added 3 exciting new features to VoiceThread today.

Phone commenting

VoiceThread now allows you to record voice comments from any domestic U.S. phone number. Simply type in your phone number and VoiceThread will call you to comment. You can even comment on more than one page, using the phone to navigate VoiceThreads like a remote control. All accounts include 3 minutes free, and then it’s just $10 for each additional hour of phone commenting. Additionally, we’ll soon allow you the option to give phone commenting minutes to your VoiceThreads, so that those you invite can use your minutes.

Import media from your existing VoiceThreads

By clicking on the ‘My Media’ button when creating, you can now import pages from other VoiceThreads that you’ve either created or are an editor of.

Import media from a URL

You can also now use the ‘URL’ button when creating to import images, docs and videos from a URL. For example, using ‘’ will import image.jpg to the VoiceThread.